A Clear Path

The Contemplative Path

Dear Lord

Keep me on the straight and narrow path

Of Your Love

So often I am tempted

To turn in a variety of directions

All so interesting

All so important at the time

My mind can flit

And jump all over the place

But this is not the way You ask of me

You seek my undivided attention

You seek my obedience

And You seek my love

It is me who is always turning away

You are constant

Help me to understand that I can be busy

And get things done

But to remember always

Above and beyond all else

That I have a Master whom I serve

And that, above all

And through all

I must follow Your direction

And walk the path of Your Leading

This day and everyday


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Letters To A Loved One

Dearest Love,

He had an amazing life. The fathers favourite and the only child, he had gone through life skipping all the things that other children did to bring them shame and reproach. He studied hard and always made his father proud and wherever the father went he spoke of how proud he was of him.

His University days were ahead and the father was securing one of the best foreign Universities for him and within the waiting period he worked hard and prepared himself.

He was now getting to eighteen years, young and with a bright future and many people saw it including the girlfriend he had. They were childhood friends and had grown to semi adults and had started talking about being together for life. With the news of him going abroad to school she started weeping almost every day and he assured her of his faithfulness no…

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Spiritually Healing your Broken-Heart


mending a broken heart

Biblical Reference:

“We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.” – 2 Corinthians 4:8-10

“I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us.” – Romans 8:18

“The Lord is near to those who are discouraged; he saves those who have lost all hope.” – Psalm 34:18

Dear Beautiful Roses,

I want to talk to you about heartbreak today. It’s a phase we all often try to avoid or run from. It’s a phase that brings discomfort and discontentment. A phase that challenges us subliminally redirects us, requires sacrifice and exposes us. I’ll be the first to…

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The Greatest Danger to Our Soul: It’s Alright.


What is it?

It’s blinding
It’s easy to measure
It misses the point
It kills our soul
Steals our joy
Places us where we ought not to be
And accomplishes it’s goal–which is to blind us.

The scariest people I have ever seen are the ones that are always alright. They got it altogether. They have cute jobs, nice cars, great houses, cute clothes, and perfect kids. They always talk nice, look nice, and are pleasant. You never hear an unkind word, sense any anger, or prejudice. They attend every church event, school activity, volunteer in the community, and skip around the house smiling and enjoying life. It’s all alright.

They don’t talk about really blunt things to anyone. They don’t complain about their husband, admit how they hate cleaning, and make their kids fend for themselves once in a while. They don’t ever gossip, or tell the truth for…

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Take the First Step

Little Ol' Me

A couple weeks ago, I was doing my devotions before bed and asking God for guidance in my life, and asking for the right direction for me to follow.
The response I got kind of threw me off.

Me: Please God, show me the right path to go down.
God: But will you take the path I put before you?

This hit me hard. I hadn’t realised that this was ultimately my decision.
I thought he could just lay it out all for me and say, “There you go, have a nice stroll!” (how ignorant and naive was that?!)

I’ve been over here asking over and over again for God to push me in the right direction, but what I was really wanting was for him to shove me the whole way.
I didn’t want to actually have to make the decision! I wanted to have the easy way out (knowing…

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Clothed in Christ & No Muffin Tops

Real as the Streets

I’ve started waking up extra early, take my time and do full make-up. Contouring, smoky eye, the works.

And though vanity is something I got to keep in check, I’ve noticed I feel better about myself when I take time for myself.

Also another big confidence booster wasgetting rid of all the clothes that didn’t fit my body and lifestyle.

Y’all know how liberating it is to go in your closet and know everything fits in the most flattering way? To be able to focus on color and pattern- not size.

It’s like having a little shop just for my frame. Everything is size Rae! Yay!

But it’s really not about clothes. Or wearing the latest and greatest. It’s about knowing my value and dressing myself like I’m worth the time and effort.

Cuz I totes am.

For all my shapely sisters out there, God didn’t make you…

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A Royal Invitation

The Life Project

Matthew 22:1-14

This is the third of the three parables that Jesus delivers to the Jewish religious elite in the scene that began in 21:23…

In this parable, unlike the previous two, Jesus begins with”The Kingdom of heaven is like…” This time, He will put His parabolic meaning into the context of the Kingdom of heaven, which has been His general theme ever since He began His public ministry some three years earlier. In the parable, God is the King, Jesus, although He has been mentioned as king many times in Matthew’s narrative, is the son of the king, and the banquet is the messianic banquet we have seen earlier in Matthew’s account (cf. 8:11; 25:1 ff.). The king (God) wishes to honor his son (Jesus) and has arranged this banquet. Invitations have been sent out. Everything is ready, and the king sends his servants to let the invitees know…

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