James: Living Life in a God Honoring Way- The Prologue


A pastor I heard speak once said to his congregation say that if you are going to start reading the Bible, the first books should be the Gospel of John and the Letter of James. His reason why James should be the one of the first is because one, the letter is short, and two James writings usually covers a wide variety of subjects in just one chapter. It has been a long time since a complete reading of a book was ever done for me, so I took my pastor’s advice and started with James.
As I read a chapter a day and writing my thoughts down in my journal in the process, I came upon concepts that would indeed be beneficial for every Christian and non Christian as they their lives in this chaotic world. After finishing my study, God led me to share what He showed me in James in this blog. There are many people, I believe, in the main stream of the world, who view the Bible as something obsolete and does not apply in this day and age. Such people who say this, I suspect, do not spend enough time or none at all actually picking up the Bible and reading it; not superficially, but with a deep intention of understanding its words. The purpose of this writing is to show how the words of the Bible possess the tools that we need to survive in a world that is full of darkness and empty hope.
Before introducing these reflections, it is important that some basic expectations be placed so that God’s word would not be put under heavy criticism. First of all, the posts that will be written will not cover everything that is covered in a given chapter. As mentioned earlier, James covers a variety of subjects in his letter. The themes that covered here will be based on what I personally prevalent in my life situation. That is why it is encouraged that readers set aside time to go through each chapter and see what themes they see that matter to them. Second, this is not an academic commentary of James, so my thoughts and ideas that are mentioned here could be right or wrong, everyone is entitled to thier opinion. These are reflections which God impressed upon me as I read and then wrote down in the journal. The most important thing that must be understood is that even if you read one chapter in the Bible twice, you notice that the ideas within the text are different each time; that is why the Bible is more than a book, it is alive and has the words of God Himself to His people.


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