Are you Spirit Filled?

The Holy Spirit is the Master Teacher, but His instruction is not passive, it is active. That means, if we are called to do a particular ministry, we must take the initiative and get trained in that ministry. During the process, the Spirit will guide us through the process. Scaffolding if you will, until we can handle it ourselves with minimal support.

A Heart After Christ

sprit fill

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Gal. 5:25

Has someone ever asked you if you are “led by the Spirit?” or if you are “Spirit driven” or “Spirit-filled” or have the Holy Spirit’s Baptism?

There are many Christian groups that have placed their focus on the Holy Spirit as front and center for the Church as well as their personal and ministry life. Verses some groups have ignored the work of the Spirit. As a result, a various amount of aberrant teachings have surfaced that have become very popular. Some of these got the cobwebs dusted off from ignoring the Holy Spirit and have been good for the Church. Some of these new ‘teachings’ have been bad, because they are just not biblical.

To show the difference, some say that all we need is the Holy Spirit’s empowerment; which is good…

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