Going Against the Flow

This world flows like a river,

In one direction does its current travel.

The mighty torrent has become corrupted,

The sins of humanity have polluted its waters.

Many people just drift with its current,

Floating in its flows seems easier for them.

But final stop of this river is the fiery depths,

The torrent ends with a ever burning plunge.

Let us hear the voice of the Lord,

Stop and pay attention to our Almighty’s voice.

From the distant shore He calls us to Him,

On the beautiful land, He beckons to us.

So we swim with all our might,

But current is stronger than us.

Our strength begins to fade,

The hope we have begins to drown.

Then God sends His Savior,

Our Father sent to us His Son.

He grabs hold of us with nail pierced hand,

With scarred hand, He holds us close.

 The Son urges us to swim with Him,

Our Savior encourages us to be with Him.

As we swim, the filth from the river leaves us,

Our sins are washed away as we swim with the Son.

The journey to shore will be long,

The way to wonderful dry ground will be dangerous.

But as long as I swim with Jesus,

As long as I stay close to my Christ,

We will have victory,

We will be with God.

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