What to Do in a Bad Situation?

A Bad Situation

Have you ever had a time when it seemed like the whole world was against you?  I remember when something like that happened to me.  It was about two years and I got into a  two car accident.  By the grace of God no one was seriously hurt, but I was at fault and my insurance had to pay for the damages.

As the claim process went through, I received a note from my insurance that my policy wasn’t able to cover the extent of the majority of the damages to one of the cars.  The idea of being sued for the rest of the damages terrified me because I knew I didn’t have any money to my name.  What could I do?

What to Do in Distress?

Bad things happen to us, there’s no way of escaping from that fact.  Yet the Lord God invites us to come to Him in our distress so that He could comfort us in this unsafe world.  Why would God, who doesn’t need anything, do this for us?

The Great Provider

The Almighty God wants to provide for us and meet all our needs.  He wants to show us how mighty He is and that only He can take care of us.  All we have to do is trust in Him and He will never leave us; that is His promise and God keeps His promises.

A Keeper of His Promises

It’s impossible for God to break His promises for that would go against His nature.  In Genesis 31, Jacob understood this and recognized that God was blessing him as He had promised.  Even with all the hardships he was going through with his Father-in-Law Laban (Genesis 31:5-9), Jacob understood that the Lord was keeping His promise to him. As a result, he was blessed with family and wealth.

Hot Pursuit

Out of gratitude to God, Jacob obeyed His command (Genesis 31:12-13) and left his Uncle Laban to return to Canaan.  When Laban discovered this, he and his family pursued Jacob.  Who knew what was going through the mind of this man who had treated Jacob so roughly during his time with him.

The Great Protector

However the Lord would not allow Laban to do any harm to Jacob (Genesis 31:24).  Now Jacob was far from being worthy of all this protection from the Lord.  Yet it was because of the Lord’s promise to be with him (flaws and all)  that Jacob was delivered from the anger of his Father-in-Law (Genesis 31:42).  So in the end, Laban and Jacob parted ways in peace.

God Has a Plan

There is nothing in this world that is outside the will of God.  With that being said, we can have confidence in trusting that He will take care of us if we believe and follow His will.  Even when things are at their worst, our God already has a plan to deal with it.

Back to My Situation

Back to my story, as I said, I was terrified about the idea of someone trying to squeeze money out of me for damages that I caused.  So I did what any follower of God did, I laid the letter I received on my bed, got on my knees and prayed.  In my prayer, I told the Lord my fears, nevertheless I knew (from His Word) that He was able to handle this problem and I left it in His hands.

Then the Lord spoke to me and revealed that He would take care of it and assured me that He would always be with me.  A few weeks later, I learned from my insurance that the situation was settled and all damages were paid.  I thanked my God for His abundant mercies that He given me and shared it to everyone; they were amazed.

Do You Believe?

We don’t have to be perfect to receive God’s promises, just look at Jacob for example.  All God asks from us is to trust in Him to take care us.  Let us depend on the Lord in all situations, even in the bad ones.  For He promises to take care of us; do you believe this?

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