The Lord is Here

Before the world was formed, He was there,

As the universe was taking shape, the Lord saw it all.

God was there when humanity disobeyed,

He was present when Adam and Eve ate the fruit.

During the Great Flood, His power was felt,

As sin was washed away, the Almighty was there.

He traveled with Abraham during his pilgrimage,

When Israel arrived in Egypt, He looked over them.

The Lord guided His people when the time was right,

With a mighty hand, He started the Exodus.

The Almighty blessed Israel during its Golden Age,

David and Solomon knew that He was with them.

When the people were punished, His hand was there,

As the nation left the Promise, God never left them.

The Lord came to His people as a Man,

In the flesh did the Savior dwell among us.

He was grieved when His own rejected Him,

God lamented when they denied His Son on the Cross.

The Father rejoiced when He raised Him from the dead,

When His Good News through all the earth, He was pleased.

Nothing on this earth is hidden from the Lord,

There is nothing in darkness that God would shine His light.

He was there back then,

He is here even now, forever.

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