A Psalm for the Weary

My body is overwhelmed with exhaustion,

My mind is extremely strained from fatigue.

The flesh demands that I cease in my calling,

My carnal mind commands me to stop God’s work.

In days like these my heart wishes to concede,

My soul desires to give in during moments like these.

Yet I know I must not yield to the flesh,

I should not obey the will of the body,

But I must follow the will of my Lord God.

I call out to the Lord for His strength,

In my weakness I cry to my Savior.

The Almighty hears my pleas,

My Redeemer heeds to my call.

He grants me strength to press on the Holy march,

He provides me with stamina to continue the quest.

The journey is too hard for me alone,

To walk this path  solo will lead to my failure.

But my Messiah promises to be with me,

My Christ walks along beside me.

When I stumble, He lifts me up,

When I fall on the path, He carries me.

Let us not grow weary in His calling,

May we never give up His mission.

For if God is with us, who can stand against us!?


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