Morning Devotional

To walk upright is no easy task. Especially when the winds of this fallen world continually lead us to locations that may potentially harm us. We may be the Captain of our life ship, but the one who really leads our ship on the voyage is the pilot at the helm. We try to pilot the ship ourselves, but our experience is limited and we often fail. Sometimes we let the world dictate our course and that is like having no one at the wheel. What we need at the helm is One who knows how drive through the winds of the world. That experienced pilot is none other than Christ Jesus. Let Him take the wheel of you vessel. Trust Him to carry you to the course which you have to take. Are you going to trust Him?

Three Iron Nails

We talk about “circumstances over which we have no control.” None of us have control over our circumstances, but we are responsible for the way we pilot ourselves in the midst of things as they are. Two boats can sail in opposite directions in the same wind, according to the skill of the pilot. The pilot who conducts his vessel on to the rocks says he could not help it, the wind was in that direction; the one who took his vessel into the harbour had the same wind, but he knew how to trim his sails so that the wind conducted him in the direction he wanted. Never allow to yourself that you could not help this or that; and never say you reach anywhere in spite of circumstances; we all attain because of circumstances and no other way.

~ Oswald Chambers ~

[The Moral Foundations of Life]

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