A Shepherd of Love

How can I describe my Lord,

In what way could I illustrate my Savior?

He is the Almighty King who saves me,

King of Kings who has redeemed me from sin.

Why would He do such a thing,

What would motivate the Lord to save a sinner like me?

He does these things because He is the King of Love,

It is because of His grace that I am saved.

Without my God, I was lost and lonely,

A little lost sheep I was in this dangerous world.

But my Savior came and found me,

The Good Shepherd carried me on His shoulders.

In my Lord I am made secure,

As long as I am near my Savior I lack nothing.

May all who hear the voice of the Lord come to Him,

Let all the lost sheep heed the Shepherd’s call.

For to be with Him is to have every good thing,

In His flock, there is only everlasting life.

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