Love the Word of the Lord

Do you believe in the power of the Lord,

Have you ever considered how awesome God is?

For the Lord has made Himself know to us,

The Almighty has revealed to mere humanity His presence.

He teaches us to walk His ways,

By His commands He guides us to life.

For His Words give power to the body,

The Truth from His mouth provides life to the soul.

There is no logic to turn away from His commands,

It is foolishness to say no to His Truth.

Without His Word, we have no security,

We are made lonely without His Truth in us.

Let us not turn away from the Words of Life,

The Commands of my God we will obey.

I will follow the path of Truth which God has made for me,

The road of Life which the Lord has built I will travel.

For on it my soul finds peace,

In the Truth of the Lord there is everlasting security.

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