How To Teach God? Part 1

What You Need to Teach About God?

When teaching about God, it is important to understand His many attributes.  Once you have a basic foundation of who God is, you are able to guide others in understanding who He is also.  Now bear in mind these Theological truths about God isn’t limited to these; I suggest doing your own research to determine for yourself the other Truths about God.

God is Spirit

First of all, God is a spiritual being. This means that He has no natural form and therefore can’t be contained in nature.  God can’t be controlled by nature because He was the one who created it in the first place.  To say that God is controlled by nature is like saying a television tells a person what to watch.

God is Eternal

God has no beginning or end.  God isn’t constrained by the effects of time as humans are.  In Romans 1:20, Paul explained that only an eternal God has the ability to create all things.  Had that not been the case, God would be prone to aging and dying as people do.

God is Unchanging

The personality of the Lord is always constant.  He is an entity that doesn’t change His mind.  Imagine what would have happened if the Lord had a personality that was similar to ours.  I that was so, I could only imagine that grace and salvation wouldn’t have taken place.

God is Self-Sufficient

The Lord doesn’t need anything in order to exist.  Before the universe there was only God. He had no need to create anything because He was satisfied within Himself.  He doesn’t need humanity to be complete, but the fact that He allows us to know Him shows how much He loves us.  Not because He needed us, but because He wanted us.

He is Faithful and True

The Lord always keeps His promises. This truth is found in His written word, the Bible.  It reveals time and time again, God always coming through for His people.  It reveals that God means what He says and will do what He will do; therefore we have no reason to doubt Him.

 He is Holy and Righteous

To be Holy is to be set apart, distinct from all things. He isn’t affected by anything that is in this universe.  With this in mind, God’s ways are also righteous, which means that they are without bias. There is nothing that we can do to coerce Him to do what we want Him to do.  He pronounces judgement unconditionally; and He also hands out grace and salvation without requirement.

He is Love

His very essence is love; but what does that look like?  True love is when you meet the needs of others without condition and status.  The best example of this was when God sent His Son Jesus to die for our sin so that we could have fellowship with Him; this act didn’t require any action from us.

To Be Continued……


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