What’s Family History Got to Do With God?

A Family Heirloom

Several years ago, my Grandmother went to be with the Lord.  As the family was settling her affairs, I was given one of her prized possessions; it was my late Grandfather’s family Bible.  As I scanned through its old pages and came to the end, I found something amazing.  At the back of the Bible, my Grandmother had handwritten the family tree dating back to her great Grandparents!

Knowing Your Family Roots

Why is it so important for people to know about their family roots?  I believe it has something to do with people trying to discover their identity.  By learning about what family members had done in the past, we can develop a sense of pride for their accomplishments or strive to improve when they had failed; either way, it gives us incentive to build on what they already started.

History is Important to God

Family history is also important to God.  The numerous genealogies that are found in the Bible clearly show this fact.  It often confused me as to why God would have His writers include what I used to think as unnecessary.  I now believer however that the purpose of these family trees was to reveal the blessings that God had bestowed upon His people.

Saying Goodbye to Esau

In Genesis 36, we are given the last look into the life of Israel’s brother Esau.  In Genesis 36:6-8, we learned that God had blessed Esau, like Israel, with great abundance; so much so that the land couldn’t hold both brothers estates.  Later in Genesis 36:15-19, we discover that later descendants of Esau became so powerful that they even established kingdoms in the land which they lived in.

God Blesses Even the Flawed

Even though Esau was cheated out of his birthright and blessing, the Lord still blessed him and made him a great nation.  Even more so, he was also blessed with great wealth and prestige.  Now we know that Esau was no saint, he had many flaws, so why would God bless him?

God Always Keeps His Promises

The Lord is One who remembers His promises and always keeps them.  Earlier in Genesis God had made promises to both Abraham and Isaac that their descendants would become a great nation with an inheritance on the earth.  Not because they deserved it, but because God chose them to reflect His greatness to all peoples.  Esau, a son of Isaac was a recipient of this promise.

Only the Beginning of the Promise

However, God revealed that this was only the beginning of His many blessings.  For it would be through the line of Israel that the fulfillment of the Lord’s promises would be completely realized.  Not just a promise of land and a great nation, but also a spiritual inheritance which would come in the form of Christ.

Grafted Into the Tree

We as believers in Jesus, are also partakers of this great promise that God initially gave to Abraham.  Although we were not originally part of the family tree, we were grafted in through the grace of God.  This is an amazing gift which God has given to all who put their faith in Him!  Therefore, let us live our lives in accordance to the Legacy that we are adopted into.


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