I am Complete in His Grace

When the pleasures of this world tempt me to sin,

As the dark desires of my heart try to lead me from God,

I will turn to the Lord for shelter against the storm,

He is my shield against the world’s deadly darts.

During the days when the worries of life bring me down,

When I am discouraged by the fears that dwell in my flesh,

Let me find strength in the Almighty,

May my soul be encouraged by the grace my Father has given to me.

It is in His grace I find rest for my soul,

I find comfort and peace in God’s unmerited favor.

Blessed is the person who is under the love of the Lord,

May all be like the one who has found joy in God.

For His grace is enough to sustain my soul,

My heart is made complete in the Lord’s everlasting Love.


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