Dealing With Change

Do I or Don’t I

When I was thinking about proposing to my girlfriend after nearly three years of being a courting couple, I was very nervous.  I often asked myself, what if she said no or am I following God’s will pursuing marriage now.  Whenever people are about to have a big transition in their lives there are two responses that people usually take.

Paralyzed by the Unknown

The first response is to react fearfully towards the transition.  This causes us to hesitate before making the big leap.  The unknown often scares us because we don’t know whether or not the change would be good or bad for us.  This uncertainty paralyzes people to the point of not going forward.

Waiting For the Right Time

The problem with this response is that it causes people to become stuck in their lives.  They neither go forward out of fear or go back to the way they came because they know that it’s not where they need to be; they just sit and wait for the conditions to be right for them.  However, how will they ever know when the time is right when they have never done it before?

Got Advice?

The second response is to seek counsel; ask for someone else’s opinion on the matter.  Now this is where it could really be tricky.  The decision to whether proceed or remain depend entirely on the type of person you seek advice from; they may have your interests in mind or their own; they may want to you to leave or want you to stay.

Israel’s Dilemma

Who would you seek advice from?  That was the dilemma that Israel had in Genesis 46:1-6.  In the previous chapter, Joseph revealed himself to his brothers and encouraged them to bring his father and the rest of the family down to Egypt so that he would provide for them.  When Israel heard the news, his heart was lifted from despair and wanted to be with his son; but then he started to have second thoughts.

Canaan Versus Egypt

Israel and and his family have lived in Canaan all their lives.  Only in the days of Abraham did the family ever go down to Egypt and that ended badly.  Even Isaac was warned by God not to go down to the land of the Nile during a time of famine.

What Did God Think?

It was these things Israel considered as he made sacrifices to God.  As much as he wanted to see Joseph, he wouldn’t go if God wouldn’t be with him; so he asked for His advice on the matter.  As it turned out, the move to Egypt was according to God’s plan all along and He assured Israel that He would be with them and bless them.

God: The Best Adviser

When you are about to make a decision that will change your life forever, seek counsel from the Lord.  After all, what better person to get advice on such things.  He already knows how it would all turn out.

Back to My Story

That is exactly what I did, when I considered proposing to my girlfriend.  The Lord encouraged me and said He would bless our union.  So on January 24, 2016, I bent my knee, showed her the ring, and asked her to be my wife; and she said yes!  Now I still get nervous about what our future will hold, but I will not fear because my God is with me.  Will you seek the counsel of the Almighty God?

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