Failure to Commit Will Destroy Me

Being committed to something means that we are now accountable to that commitment. Many people don’t commit because they don’t want to be accountable. For if they were to fail or make a mistake then they would have to answer for their error and we are too proud to do that. But what has pride ever done for us? It has only left us empty and alone. Let us turn away from pride and commit ourselves Christ and be willing to be accountable to Him. Doing so will help us to grow beyond our complacency.


Commitment is one of the most pivotal issues that’s on the forefront of the younger generations. Are we committed to our relationships, careers, or our kids? Today the average 25 year old will have worked 6 different jobs by that point in life. We’re still looking at a divorce rate that’s hovering around 50 percent. Then there is the fallout from the divorce rate which is a rise in single parent households. 12 million single parent families, of which 12 million 85% are single moms (Source).

This brings me to the question I want to ask myself and everyone reading this: Are we fully committed to Jesus? I truly believe if we are committed to Jesus then we wouldn’t have the plethora of commitment issues we see in society today.

As I take a step back and look at my own life I can see several dark times where I struggled with…

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