Trust the Divine Captain

The path that I am called to take isn’t easily seen,

A great mist shrouds the course I’m bound to make.

The shadow of the unknown hides the dangers ahead,

The hazards on the path are concealed by Future’s shroud.

Yet I can’t go back the way I came,

I am called to move forward and not back.

The clouds of the unknown are menacing but I won’t fear,

I will not worry about the sinister fog of the future.

For my God will guide me through the storm,

Through the mist will my Lord deliver me.

He is the Master Navigator who knows the path to take,

I will trust in the power and skill of my Divine Pilot.

Let the Lord be the Captain of your life,

Allow the Almighty at the helm of your ship.

There’s nothing to fear when you are with God,

No challenge or obstacle will worry when He is with you.

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