Seek the Lord When Afraid

I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4 (King James Version)

We all have faced some moments in our our lives that made us afraid or anxious.  What did you do when that crisis happened?  Did you face it with a brave face or did you panic and enter a state of anxiety?

The Bible tells us when things happen that make us afraid, we should come to Lord in prayer.  Why should we do this?  How is it that God can save us from our trouble when we can’t save ourselves?  Why would God want to help someone like me?

God can save us from trouble because He is far bigger than the crisis that we face.  He knew that our crisis would come our way and had the plan that would help us overcome it.  All we needed to do was to ask Him and He would put His plan into motion.

I know what you are thinking.  If God knew what was going to happen, why didn’t He stop it in the first place?  The Bible doesn’t provide an answer to that question, but what I believe is that He lets these things happen in order to show His glory to us.  If that sounds selfish, who are we to judge the Lord who created us all?

Now why would God want to save us from our fears?  If you are a parent and you see that your child is afraid of something, wouldn’t you stop at nothing to relieve them of their worry?  That is the same way God feels about you and me.  He made each of us and wants nothing but the best for us.

The first step to deliverance from our  anxiety is asking the Lord for it.  God will not act unless we ask for His help.   What prevents us from seeking His help?

The first reason we don’t ask is because we feel unworthy of asking God for help.  We look back at our sinful past and think that God would never answer the request of people like us.  The second reason is that we feel like we don’t need God’s help.  Our pride wouldn’t allow us to ask for help;  we believe that we can take care of the problem ourselves.

We must stop thinking lowly of ourselves.  God loves you regardless of the things that we have done.  He did not wait for us to get our act together before sending His Son Jesus to  die for our sins; He knew we were unable to.  There is no requirement for us to meet in order to receive His grace.

We need to set aside our pride.  We must accept the fact that there are some things that are too big for us to handle.  There is no shame to ask for help.

Listen to the words of the Psalm.  Troubles happen that make you afraid, seek the Lord.  The Almighty will hear your cry and will calm your fears.  Do you believe this?  If so, then there is no reason to be afraid when obstacles come your way; God is with you.


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