The Wonders of God

Daily I wonder at the ways of my God,

Every moment I consider the Almighty’s wonders.

Why does my Savior do the things He does,

What is the reason my Lord cares to think of me?

He does His works out of love for us,

His wonders reveal our provision in Him.

When we fear, the Lord guards us from trouble,

He is a shield deflecting those calamities that make us afraid.

The Almighty is there when our hearts are sad,

When we are full of sorrow, He places His loving arms around us.

The time will come when I have to leave this world, yet I won’t fear,

Even though my days in this life are brief, I am not afraid.

Because my King prepares a home for me to live with Him,

A beautiful mansion my Savior builds for me when I come.

When that day comes, He will escort me to my new abode,

The moment I open my eyes, my King will guide me safely home!

Everyday I consider the ways of God and they are awesome,

How wonderful is the will of the Lord I marvel day by day.

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