We are Special in the God’s Eyes

Let no one say that you are good for nothing.  You are good for something because God created you and God doesn’t make mistakes.  Each of us have God given potential that, if we set ourselves to perfecting it (with God’s help) then all will see what God had already seen.  Therefore, let us not sit on our hands and say we are special in God’s eyes.  Let us prove to the world by using the things that make us special.  That way, He gets the glory and you have the honor of partaking of it.



Intricately woven together.Elaborately detailed. Lavishly embellished. Hand-sewn. This is how I was made. So were you. Every single piece of you was a thought in God’s mind before it was ever on your body. You have been lovingly adorned by the touch of the Father. To say that we are not beautiful is to tell our […]

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