Speaking to God

Every day I will speak to my Lord,

To my King of Kings I will humbly pray daily.

To my Savior I will give thanks to Him,

All my praise I will offer up to my God.

My heart’s desires I will make known to Him,

To the Almighty, I will pour out my soul.

In my prayers I will not make known to others,

My petitions to God are between me and Him.

Behind a closed door, the Lord hears my speech,

The Almighty listens to me while I am in the secret place.

Those who pray loudly seek the praises of men,

A limited reward they get for blowing their trumpet to the Lord.

But my King takes to heart the prayer spoken in sincerity,

A humble soul who prays, He listens to their petition.

The Almighty will acknowledge their sincerity,

The one who humbles themselves will receive their reward.

Let us come to the Lord with such a heart,

Coming to the Savior with a sincere and humble soul.

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