The Greatness of God’s Love

The love of my Savior is higher than any mountain,

The highest heavens could never reach the love of my Christ.

How deep is the love my Lord has for me,

The undying love of my God is deeper than any ocean on earth.

It was by His love, that He rescued me from sin,

My transgressions were purged by the love Christ poured on the cross.

The sting of death,  the Lord has defeated,

My Savior conquered death with His unfailing love.

All that I am, I owe to Jesus,

Without my Prince of Peace, I can do nothing.

His love for me makes me complete,

I am made whole only by my King of King’s grace.

By His unmerited favor, I am made His son,

I am declared a child of God because He showed me love.

Who can measure the greatness of His love,

The grace of my Divine Father reaches the highest heavens.

Who can fathom the depth of His love,

The favor the Almighty has shown towards me runs deeper than any sea.

I will respond to the love of the Lord,

Praise and thanksgiving I will give to my King.


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