A God Honoring Legacy

A Funeral to Remember

The saddest events that I have ever attended in my life were funerals; especially when the ones who died was a loved ones.  One funeral in particular remains ingrained in my memory.  Over a decade ago my cousin Sammie went to be with the Lord.

What struck me about the whole thing was the number of people who attended his funeral.  The church where the memorial service took place was filled to capacity.  Even as his casket was being driven to the cemetery, myriads of cars followed behind.

I was amazed by how many people came to show respect to my late cousin.  It also showed me how much of an impact he had on those who attended.  Being a man of God, my cousin treated everyone with respect and showed the love of Christ in what he said and what he did.  He truly lived a life that was honoring to God.

Jacob’s Funeral

In Genesis 50:7-14, we meet another person who lived an honorable life for God.  Jacob (a.k.a Israel) died and his final wish was to be buried in the family plot that was in Canaan.  In obedience to his wishes, Joseph and his brothers took his body back to Canaan.

However this funeral did not just have Jacob’s family attending.  Verses 9 through 10 tells us that many of the Egyptians attended and they lamented over the loss of the venerable patriarch.  Jacob was only in Egypt for a short time, yet thousands (foreigners at that) attended his funeral.

This doesn’t just show that the Egyptians respected the man, but that they respected the God whom Jacob worshiped.  They recognized that Jacob was a man of God and that all the blessings that he had been given (including his son Joseph who saved the country) was the result of being showed favor from God.

Leaving a Legacy

Both my cousin Sammie and Jacob left behind a godly legacy.  What kind of legacy will you leave behind when you die?  Will you be remembered for all your words and deeds or will you be even remembered at all?

Right Motivation

What does it mean to live a life honoring to the Lord?  It is all about how you and I impact the people around us and our motivation for wanting to do so.  If our motivation revolves around achieving prestige and fame, you would be viewed as selfish and shallow by those we meet and we will be remembered as such.  However, if our motivation is to show and act the love of Christ to those around us, we make a more deeper impression on those we meet.

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?  As for myself, I would like to be memorialized for my faith and service to the Lord.  He is the One that we ought to strive to please.  Therefore let us pray that He will open our eyes to opportunities in which to show His love to those who we encounter.  So when it is all over, when we meet God face to face, He will say to us, “Well done my faithful servant.”  The life of a person is not measured by their material possessions, but by the lives they touch for the Lord.



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