Serving God On The Nile

Going on Mission

Before Jesus went up to heaven, He instructed all who believed in Him to go and proclaim His Gospel to all the nations. I believe that every believer, once in their life, should participate in some kind of mission trip; specifically an international one. It was in June of 2013, that I stepped out in faith and did this.

For ten days, myself and about ten others from church went to serve God’s people in the Land of Egypt. At first I was very hesitant to go ( I will talk about that later), but now I thank God for allowing me to go; and since then, I have been on two more trips to the land of the Nile. While I was on the trip, I wrote down my thoughts about what happened each day in a journal. Let me share what the Lord revealed to me.

In the Air

My group and I are on a 737 aircraft approaching the halfway point of our journey: New York. There is a feeling of excitement among the group. As for myself, I felt neither excited or anxious about the whole adventure.

I really have no explanation for my neutral feelings. I suppose I was resigned to the fact that I was going. I knew that these were not the correct feelings to have when going on a mission trip.

Perhaps resignation was not the word to use. Maybe the feelings that I had were of a serene peace. I recognized that this was not a vacation trip, but a mission for the Lord. We all had a job to do and with the Lord on our side, there is nothing to anxious or excited about.

How I Got Here?

Why did I go on this mission? As I sat in my chair, uncertainty filled my mind. Questions like, “Was this where God wanted me to go or was this trip something that my mother wanted me to do?” Before I go on, I need to explain this.

My family (headed by my mom) committed itself to meeting the needs of Christian families in Egypt. As a family, we sponsored a total of six children and their families. Our sponsorship provided the essentials that would help these struggling families.

When there was a call to go on a mission to Egypt in June, my mother suggested to me that I should go. Doubt filled my mind. I wanted to go, but the logistics of the trip seemed too overwhelming to me (the cost was $3,000)!

Seeking God’s Help

I turned to the Lord in prayer. I wanted to know what He thought about me going to Egypt. His response was truly humbling; He said to me, “Bruce, why do you ask me this? Didn’t I command that you go out and serve in my name?”

His words cut me like a knife straight into my soul. Did I not truly believe that God would provide the funds for this mission? That settled it for me and stepping out in faith, I began the process getting ready and raising funds for the trip.

Stepping Out In Faith

Sometimes it that is required for God to do a great work is for us to step out of our comfort zone and do His will. He assured me that He had it all covered and that I would be very surprised. As it turned out, all my funds came from people who gave; I didn’t have to put a single cent into the mission fund. If that was not a sign from God that He wanted me on this mission trip, I didn’t know what would.

More to Come

Even before this mission trip began, the Lord taught me a very important lesson. I must never let small things like fundraising get in the way of serving His will. He always will provide what we need for every situation.  I had no doubt that there was more to come.

Egypt Trip 006
This is me as I prepare to go on my flight to Egypt.

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