Serving God on the Nile Part 2


Last Friday, I began my recount of my first mission trip to Egypt and talked about some of the things that God revealed to me during that adventure.  Here, I will continue where I left off.

Arriving at the Big Apple

We landed in the city that never sleeps around 9:56 a.m.  As we approached La Guardia airport I look through my window and gazed at the city.  It was so much different from my city of Dallas.

Viewing From On High

From my point of view, New York City reminded me of a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Each block of the city had its own unique shape and color.  The skyscrapers that the Big Apple was famous for reminded me of giant metal fingers trying to touch the sky.

The waters that surrounded the Big Apple were teeming with boats of various sizes. From on high they looked like water bugs ranging from fast water striders (speed boats) to giant slow-moving beetles (cargo ships).  Looking back now, it reminds me of how small we are in the scope of all God’s creation.

Humbling Experience

We often consider the work of our hands as crowning achievements and indeed they are.  However it is important that we don’t let our accomplishments go to our head.  If we were to compare the fruit of our labors with the magnificence of what God created, it would be like comparing a flashlight to the Sun!

The Transfer

After we landed, the biggest challenge for us was to move all our luggage to the shuttles that would take us to the next airport we had to get to.  How blessed we were that there were porters at the airport that helped us push the two long heavy moving beds that were full to the point of overflowing with our equipment.  What was it that we were carrying you might ask?

Tools of the Trade

The focus of our mission to Egypt was to visit and encourage Christian families living in the rural villages of Southern Egypt.  On top of that, we were also installing water filtration units inside each of the village churches that we would visit.  Clean water is something that is in short supply in the land of the Nile.

Water of Life

Most of the water that Egyptians use comes from the Nile river.  Unfortunately they lack the technology to filter out all the harmful bacteria and virus that is in the water.  One of the most common diseases infecting most Egyptians is hepatitis C.

When the church started sending teams to Egypt some years ago, that was the first thing we wanted deal with.  Partnering up with our Egyptian brothers and sister, we began installing water filtration units in the local villages and as we came into more villages, we installed even more.  As a result, cases of Hep C have dropped dramatically in the villages where a unit was built.

Back in New York

Most of the luggage in the long beds consisted of equipment for replacing water filters and installing new ones.  Our gear caused problems with the airport law enforcement because it caused blockages in the airport traffic that was already congested. Fortunately our shuttle driver was level-headed and didn’t pick an argument; he only got off with a warning.
Traffic between La Guardia and JFK airports was downright scary. I thought Texas drivers were bad, but New York motorists are awfully aggressive. When we reached the airport, I thanked God we made it safely.  After an hour at the airport, we were on our way.


Often when we serve God, we often run into snags along the way.  Whether it is dealing with hostile police or rude motorists, it is important to not let such things get to you.  We must remember what the objective of our ministry.  It is not for our comfort but to show the love of God.  That means it is important to keep an open mind and a flexible disposition.

More to come….

Egypt Trip 003
This was just one of the two carts that we used to transport all our equipment!

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