What is Our First Love?

In the beginning chapters of Revelation, Jesus was telling the major churches of the day what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong.  For one church, Jesus declared that they had forgotten their first love, who is Christ, and has become enamored with another.  Many Christians in America pray for a revival of this great country, but has anyone ever considered the cost that would have to happen in order for that to come about?  Furthermore, are we willing to accept that cost?  Many believers, I fear, have forgotten their first love and are enamored with another lover.  If we really want our world to change, we must make the first step, live radically for Christ, and lead for example.  Are we ready to do such a thing?

Have you ever heard that saying, be careful what you pray for? I take this very seriously because God seems to have quite the sense of humor when dealing with me. So, be careful what you ask for, it may not always be what you want. I do pray for a revival, but let it […]

via Praying for A Revival? — See, there’s this thing called biology…


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