Independence in Christ

Indeed, I was slave to my sins,

Nothing I could do could free me from its chains.

Despair overshadowed me during my bondage,

Everywhere I looked there was only darkness.

Provision came from my Heavenly Father,

Everlasting life was found in the King of Kings.

Night turned to Day when He entered my life,

Despair became delight when my Savior set me free.

Every sin of mine was forgiven through my Jesus,

Never again will the chains of sin hold me because of Christ.

Christ set me free from the bonds of darkness,

Every drop of His blood paid my debt to sin.

Independence is found on in Jesus Christ,

Nowhere else will true freedom be found.

Celebrate with me our independence from sin,

How great it is to be free from the heavy chains of sin.

Rejoice with me for what Jesus did for us,

Indeed, give thanks to His sacrifice on our behalf.

Show your gratitude by living life for Him,

Thank the Lord daily through our lives.

2 thoughts on “Independence in Christ

  1. What a wonderful feeling to be free from the chains of sin. I’m so thankful every single day for my salvation. I’m thankful for true independence and for His unfailing unconditional love for me.


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