Glory To The King Meaning

The Lord is worthy of all glory and He alone is worthy of all praise. It is so important to remember why we must give the Lord the glory lest we take what He did for us for granted. By remember to give honor and glory to our Lord and King, He becomes bigger in our lives.

Christian Song Meaning

Glory To The King is a worship song by Hillsong that appears on the album All Things Are Possible (1997) and on the album Shout To The Lord (2000).

God deserves all the glory because salvation was came from Him. Heaven praises God for Jesus who has come here in the world to save His people so that we must give glory to King. He will come as our Husband, crowned in glory and He clothed in righteousness. Let’s sing praises to Him, our hearts cry out for His holiness and let our soul rejoice for His greatness. He is our comforter, Father, King and Lord! Glory to the Kings! Amen.

Lord,my heart cries out glory to the King
My greatest love in life, I hand You everything
Glory,glory I hear the angels sing

Open my ears, let me hear Your voice
To know that sweet sound
Oh my soul rejoice

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