Serving God on the Nile Part 8

Continuing the Adventure

Since I began my testimony about my first mission trip to Egypt, looking back at my old journal entries, my eyes began to see just how amazing my God really is.  I am truly honored to have taken part of such a vital portion of God’s Kingdom.  In part 7, I shared my meeting of my sponsor children.  Let me tell you what happened next.

Finding Your Calling

For visits into the village this day, I was teamed up with Karen, who has been to Egypt multiple times; and our translator was Anna, who became a good friend of mine.  I have mentioned many times, that I believe that a follower of Christ ought to go out on mission trip at least once.  As for myself, my first mission trip was Tampa, Florida; but something about the trip didn’t feel right to me (the door was closed to go on another trip anyway).

It was like that for other mission trips I went on before Egypt: Mexico and San Francisco.  My initial expectations of Egypt was that it was just another mission trip.  However, as I have revealed in my testimony, this trip changed me in a way that the others didn’t.  Words can’t really describe it.  I suppose I would compare it to meeting the one who would be your spouse; it just feels natural.

It is my hope and prayer that this testimony will encourage you to pursue mission trips of your own.  You may not find the right ministry at first, but once you do, you will just know.  Now I will resume my story.

Meeting More Families

The first family we met, the father was deaf; so he communicated through signing. In the next house we met a father who was plagued with back trouble and a withered leg. In another family their was a mother who had an edema on her arm which caused pain when it moved.

Such maladies could be easily treated in the United States.  However because of the

Egypt Trip 085
One of the families we visited.

poverty these people were in, all they could do was endure these ailments. It broke my heart to see the multitude of needs that were in these villages and I wondered how can they all be met?

Spoiled For Choice

I believe that people in America take for granted the things that they need to survive.  This is shown by the many complaints they have when certain things are not to their standard of comfort.  Americans are we really spoiled due to our nation’s wealth and technology; and American Christians are just as vulnerable to take this attitude into their thinking on God and believe they are entitled to have certain things.

That is why I encourage Christians in America to experience life outside the comforts of this country and see what other people live with.  It will be uncomfortable at first because you would be transported into a world that is beyond the bubble you have been living in.  However, once you see how others have to endure with want (like I did when visiting the homes), it  will give you a sense of gratitude towards God, because He has met all your needs and then some.  Such an experience is humbling and would compel you to do everything you could to help those who would have less.  By doing this, we reflect Christ who is in us.

Making Do With What God Provides

After visiting the homes, we were invited by the church to participate in an Awana event.

Egypt Trip 101
Getting ready to play an Awana game.

Awana is a ministry that helps kids know about God through Bible Study and Christian oriented games.  I was placed on the yellow team and competed with fellow team members in a relay game (I didn’t win).

I was astonished how the Awana leaders were able to make do with the materials that they had. In one game for instance, instead of a ball, they used an empty water bottle.  I can see Americans complain if there wasn’t a ball instead of improvising.    Truly we can learn many things from our Egyptian brothers and sisters in making the most of any situation and trusting in God’s provision.

More to Come….

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