The Epidemic We Like to Ignore

Sexual immorality is a plague that just doesn’t affect the men infected by it, but it also infects the relationships that the men are involved in. Relationships with spouses, parents, in-laws, friends, and even one’s children are infected by such a disease. It is such a virulent sin because it attacks the first covenant that God ordained, the marriage which is the foundation of the family. We must view pornography for what it is and seek a cure. That cure is found in Christ and only He can make us whole and only He can keep us away from reinfecting ourselves.


Every second 28,000 people are viewing porn on the internet. Every second over $3,000 is being made on internet porn. 40 million Americans regularly visit a pornographic website. (Source) I worry that we’re not asking ourselves what this epidemic is doing to our lives, culture, or our relationships. Do we realize that pornography use increases marital infidelity by 300%? Do we even care about what pornography is teaching young boys and girls about sex?

Before I come off as judgmental or holier than thou, I’ll confess that pornography ensnared me. My later years in high school and early years of college were consumed with the thoughts of porn. There were times when I’d get done with class, and all I’d want to do is relax and watch porn. At the time of being 18 and 19 years old I thought there was no harm in it. Never did the…

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