Saved From The Wasteland

I was alone in a dark and empty world,

In the vast desolate wasteland I wandered aimlessly.

My heart was full of sorrow and fear,

Dread and despair filled my soul.

I cried out in the void for salvation,

Into the darkness I pleaded for deliverance.

I heard nothing but my own echo,

Only the blowing of the wind was heard.

Then I fell to my knees in despair,

Tears of lonely sorrow formed a puddle before me.

Then the cold in me began to warm,

Warmth invaded my body causing cold fear to flee.

I looked up and I saw a light,

A warm light approached me as I stared.

In that light I saw a heavenly man,

Jesus Christ is who I saw in that glow.

He reached out to me with His hand,

With His nail pierced hand He grabbed hold of me.

The moment we touched all sorrow left me,

All fear departed the moment I embraced Christ.

The He told me to follow Him,

At His command I followed my Savior.

Then I looked at where I once was and marveled,

I was amazed at what was left behind.

There laid heavy chains of darkness,

The bonds of sin were left shattered and abandoned.

Now my heart is filled with love,

Abundant grace now consumes my soul,

For now I walk  the way of light with my Christ,

With Jesus, I now travel the path to life forever.

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