Why Doesn’t God Just Appear to Everyone to Prove He Exists?

We are not called to understand why God does what He does. Instead we are instructed to trust and obey Him. We can’t judge God’s ways by human standards because He is not human and He is not guided by our standards, but by His.

Walking in the Faith

moses_pluchartLast night, my fiancée and I were watching some videos on YouTube by the Bible Project. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a group dedicated to making videos that give a brief description of every book of the Bible and trace a common theme from Genesis to Revelation. The videos were very interesting, so we watched a few. We started with Genesis and made our way through Judges.

Apparently, some of the Bible stories brought up some questions in my fiancée’s mind. She was not familiar with a lot of these stories. She’s a relatively new Christian (she’s been saved for a little over a year now) and has not read a lot of the Old Testament yet.

Now the overall theme of Judges is the continuing cycle of sin and deliverance. Israel falls away from God and worships idols. God gives them over to the oppressive nations…

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