God Takes Away All Fear

My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.

Exodus 33:14 (King James Version)

Have you ever done a ministry for God that you were afraid of doing?  Two years ago, I invited my now fiance to go on a mission trip with me to Egypt.  At first, she was excited and was eager to participate.  As we got closer to the day, the fears started to creep in.

This was her first mission trip, so she was anxious about what to expect when coming to a brand new place.  She was also concerned with raising funds for going on the mission; such a trip was really expensive.  The most important thing that made her really anxious was the fact that we had to fly to Egypt and she was not a big fan of heights!

All of us at some time in our lives have taken part in something for God that we really didn’t want to do.  Why do we hesitate in serving the Lord in any capacity?  The reason I think is fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion that can compel us to action or inaction.  In the case of serving the Almighty, it often creates a spirit of hesitation.  What is it about serving God that causes us to doubt.

I think that believers in Christ doubt because they look at the scope of the mission that the Lord has placed before them and say to themselves it is just too big.  We think there is no way we can do this work by ourselves; this belongs to someone who is more skilled in such ministries.  We also hesitate because missions of God have unknown variables in them that usually show up unexpectedly.  We don’t like the unknown, it makes us uncomfortable, therefore we say to ourselves, “Let’s stay here, where it is safe.”

I am sure those were the same feelings that Moses and the Israelites must have felt when God commanded them to go and conquer the land of Canaan as their inheritance.  In Exodus 33, Moses approached God and voiced his concerns and Lord responded in verse 14, telling Moses that He would go with him and the nation of Israel; and as long as He was with them, they had nothing to fear but rest assured that they would succeed.  Knowing that Lord always keeps His Word, Moses was comforted and led Israel on to their mission.

The scope of the missions that God places before us maybe too vast for one person to handle.  However, just as He promised Moses, the Lord assures us that we will not be alone in this mission.  His hand will be in everything that pertains to the ministry and will make sure it goes as according to what His will; all we have to do is be faithful with the tasks which the Lord has given us and do the work without fear.

As for my fiance, I assured her that God would provide for all her needs; and she pressed on in getting everything done for the mission trip.  In the end, the Lord met her needs; she was able to raise the funds needed to go and as for the plane ride…I held her hand tightly from takeoff to landing; God used me as her comfort on the trip.  While she was in Egypt, she had the time of her life; serving the Lord invigorated her and when it was all over, she told me that she wanted to go back!

What ministry has God placed in your heart to do?  Are you going for it or are you hesitating?  If you are fearful, remember God’s Words to Moses: “My presence shall go with thee.”  The Almighty will never let you go out into the unknown alone, find peace in that.

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