God Promises to Help Us

I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will up hold thee with the right hand of My righteousness.

Isaiah 41:10 (King James Version)

Doing the work of the Lord is not easy.  The typical follower of Jesus is constantly bombarded by the pressures of this world.  A world that tells you to seek what you desire and to keep the status quo.

I’m believe many believers have cracked under this worldly pressure.  Evidence of this is seen in the current condition of the world we live in.  It is a world where people are in debt, violence is accepted as the the norm, and morality is defined by personal preference rather than divine truth.

Christians, at least biblically sound ones, are notoriously silent about these issues.  Those believers that do speak up most of the time are politically charged and are often viewed as  unloving.  Such people, I consider as the loud mouth minority and because they are so loud, they are identified by the world as the standard for Christians, making followers of God and God Himself be viewed in a negative light.

Why are believers so hesitant to speak the truth about the sinful condition of the world in a way that honors and reflects the love of God?  A lot of it I feel is because we don’t feel capable proclaiming the Truth.  We are afraid that we will make a mistake in our proclamation and be ridiculed for our error.  We also fear being socially ostracized for pointing out the spiritual depravity of the world; we enjoy being popular.

The truth is, we are incapable of doing the work of the Lord by ourselves.  Our sinful flesh will often try to sabatoge at every turn as we do His will; hence the silence.  Fortunately for us, we are not alone in doing this work.

The words from Isaiah are encouraging words of the Lord to the prophet.  Even Isaiah saw the task he was given as too difficult and it would be easy to just quit.  The Almighty reminds the prophet, indeed He reminds all who follow Him, that He will strengthen and help him as he continues to do His will.

Living our lives for the Lord is difficult, but He promises to hold us steady like a captain navigating a ship through a turbulent storm.  His strength will keep us standing as the world pressures us on every side.  When we don’t have the words in which to say the truth, the Almighty promises us that He will help us and put the speech in our mouths.

Therefore let’s not be silent anymore, but act and speak the truth of God in a way that honors Him to this world.  The Lord promises to be with us when we do this work. With that in mind, we should not fear what the world says or does.  What is more important to you, being popular with people or being popular with God?  If you want to be popular with the Lord, start doing things that He would like.

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