Do Good Anyway

When Jesus told us to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven, He was not referring to material possessions; such things fade over time. Instead He was referring to spiritual possessions, things that can’t be necessarily counted or stored, but bring us closer to our ultimate goal: To Be More Like Christ. When we do good for others, there is a possibility that we would be taken advantage of. What people do with our compassion is business between them and God. Our mission is to show the love of Christ to all people, which includes offering compassion to the unlovable.

Peace Paul's Blog

On a recent Thursday, the non-profit that I run received a call from an older woman who needed help. She said she was living in a house without power or water, which is not that uncommon where we live. Like many others, she did not have a car. Most distressing, she said she did not have any food. I believe her exact answer, when I asked her if she had any food was, “I have a can of beans.”

There was more to her story and I spent quite a bit of time listening to all the twists and turns of how she came to be in her current situation. Whenever possible, I tried to connect her with resources or agencies that might be able to help. Mostly, I just listened. There was not much we or anyone else could do in the way of concrete action. Once someone has…

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