Incline Your Ear My God

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Let us call out to our Heavenly Father,

To our King of Kings let us make our prayers.

For with great speed does our Lord answers our pleas,

Our petitions does the Almighty replies to swiftly.

He answers us not because of our status,

It is not because He owes us that He hears our requests.

It is out of love for us that the Lord responds,

He hears us out of His grace towards us.

Now the Almighty doesn’t always fulfills our requests,

Our Father does not give us what we want when we ask.

                                       However He gives us what we truly need,

                                        Indeed our Savior knows what will truly fulfill us.

Let our voices reach out to our Holy Father,

May our Wonderful God incline His ear to our speech.

Let’s take joy when the Almighty answers us,

When He provides our needs, let’s sing His praise.

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