Praying to be with God

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I will not ask for comfort from my Lord,

In my prayers to my King I will not plead for ease.

Instead I will plead to stay in the Lord’s shadow,

Under His grace is my one request to Him.

Worldly desires I will not request from the Almighty,

In my petitions I won’t beg for treasure on earth.

But I will ask of God if I could stay in presence,

To be allowed to remain in His way I will pray.

I will not ask for fleeting fame in my requests to Him,

Fickle popularity I won’t ask for in my prayers.

My only desire is to find favor with my Savior,

To receive the Love of my Christ is what I long for.

With gladness I will endure great toil for my God,

I am willing to suffer greatly to persevere for the Lord.

Just so that I may be allowed to remain in the Lord’s will,

To walk with the Almighty, I am willing to endure much.

For He is more valuable than anything on this earth,

More precious in the universe is my God to me.
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