Overcoming the World’s Dangers

When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee.

Isaiah 43:2 (King James Version)

When pioneers in the United States began traveling through the unexplored West, they faced many dangers.  One of those challenges was fording rivers.  Since bridges were not built across these waters, many people had to gauge the shallowest parts of the river and cross it hoping that they chose the right spot.

Like the pioneer of old, the follower of Christ faces many dangers as he follows the way which the Lord has set before him.  Everywhere he looks the faith follower encounters hostility towards his faith and his risen Savior.  In some ways, walking in the Lord is a lot like trying to ford a mighty river at its highest level.

Even though it is dangerous, as a disciple of the Lord, you are called to go forward on this journey.  A trek that will eventually lead you to transformation into the very image of the One who saved us, Jesus, and to having fellowship with our Heavenly Father.  Knowing that wonderful goal is ahead of all who put their faith in Christ, we must therefore press on through the rushing waters.

If you have ever tried to cross a fast moving river on foot then you would know just how tiring it can be.  Our journey in Christ is an exhausting one because we must fight daily to keep our heads above the sinister waters of the world.  We must also struggle against this world’s strong currents as they try to drive us away from our Lord.


There will be days that the fatigue that we have from our faith walk will be at its worst.  They are so bad in fact that we feel like stopping and just give up.  However when we do this, we will become overwhelmed the waters of this world and dragged away.

When those days come, let us consider the words of the Lord spoken in Isaiah 43:2.  They remind us that we are not alone as we traverse the waters, the Almighty is right alongside us, ready to pull us through the toughest current.  When we fight to keep our head above the river, the Prince of Peace is right there with us, ready to hold us up when we tire.

The words from Isaiah are a promise from God and He is not one to go back on His word.  With that in mind, let us continue on our faith walk and persevere.  Do not lose heart as the waters of this world try to overwhelm you.  Remember that the Lord is with you, struggling right beside you and He will not let the waters take you.  Draw strength from this promise and you will overcome the dangers of this world.


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