Look to God Always

As we go on our journey and the light seems to fade,
Christian Poetry
When the clear path we are called to take becomes hard to find.

Then it is time to look toward the Light of God,

Set your sights on the Lord’s beacon to find your way.

The Treasury of Christian Poetry

During those times we no longer feel the power of God in us,

In those moments when we do not feel the warmth of Divine flame.

Then we must return to the presence of the Almighty,

The Book of Psalms

Receive Holy warmth when you have fellowship with our Holy Father.

Let us trust in our Savior during the times of doubt,

When worry threatens to overwhelm, believe in the Lord.

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He will not let us live a life full of fear,

Doubts the Almighty will not permit to dwell in us.

Let us rest in the name of God when we are weary,

When this world exhausts us, let us come to Him.

For He will give us the restoration that our hearts need,

The soul is strengthened when it rests in shadow of the Lord.

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