Let’s Trust the King of Kings


The Earliest Christian Hymnbook

While in moments of loneliness,

During those times when you’re feeling most alone.

Trust in the Lord and He will bring comfort,

The Lion Christian Poetry Collection

Call on the Almighty and He will provide peace.

When life events do not make any sense,

As the days of our pilgrimage perplex us.

Turn to the King of Kings for guidance,

Christian Poetry for Today

Trust the course which God has you on.

In all of life challenges, call to Him,

Lift your voice to God during the difficulties of life.

Let us not resist Him as He moves in us,

As the Lord guides us, may we never rebel His instruction.

Instead, let’s allow Him to mold us,

May the Almighty shape us into His image.

Let us take joy in the pain of our molding,

As we endure our shaping, let’s rejoice.

For any creation of God is beautiful,

A masterpiece of the Lord is glorious to behold.



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