God guides the way

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Life is meaningless without God. If we do amazing things and do not have the love of God in us, then all that we have done is meaningless and worthless. God must be the drive in our lives to do the work that we do. If we do not have Him as our foundation, when the crisis of faith comes, all that we had built will be destroyed.

Therefore, we must return to the One who first showed us how to love. We must come back to God; and we do this through our heart felt prayers and sincere meditation into His Word. Let us allow God realign our hearts to His will so that we would do His work according to what He wants and not what we want.
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When you travel with the Lord, you know that you are secure.

We learn to build our confidence in Him through faith. listenTime after time God has always guided us right were we needed to be. Though I know its taken me some time to truly believe in the path because of the things that happen around me daily. Yet when I look up through out the day I am left with one truth. If it has not been for Jesus I would not be here. If I had no hope that I am saved, secure and growing in some way I would feel like a robot in the rest of my life’s requests and jobs. With God I feel like I live instead of feeling programmed and or forced. God shares things with us if we are willing to listen to Him.

God has always given us clear indication…

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