Dealing With Temptation Bargain Bin

In 1 Corinthians 10:13, the Apostle Paul tells us the nature of temptation and how to deal with it.  Temptation is not some foreign body from the world that we contract unexpectedly that causes us to sin.  Instead, it is a part of our spiritual DNA as long as we dwell in these earthly bodies.

It is a test given from God.  Temptation evaluates the condition of our heart to determine if we truly love and trust in the Lord.  If we yield to it, temptation reveals that we are impatient and do not trust in the Lord’s provision.  For it offers to us short-cuts to the things we desire and although it gives guarantees that it will deliver, it never does.

Temptation is not sin in itself.  It is a gateway to sin if we decide to go through it.  The temptations we face are not irresistible, despite what we think.  Our temptations are within us, fueled by our natural desires and our impatience.  Since they are created within us and not from the outside, we have the choice to not fall into them.

Therefore, we must open our eyes to the other paths that are available aside from temptation.  This can be difficult because the gate of temptation is so appealing to us; it is like we are moths drawn to a flame.  We don’t know the danger until it is too late.

It is during times like these, when temptation seems to draw us in that we must turn to God.  We must seek His counsel to see a way around temptation and take a more spiritually healthy route.  When we do this, it is like God putting out temptation’s flame and we can see more clearly.

To explain further about temptation, I read from Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost For His Highest.  Temptation is not something to be feared.  Instead, it is something that must be given up to God and subdued with the Almighty’s help.

If you want to read more on the subject of Temptation, click on the book images in this post.

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