Three Parts Of Prayer That Will Last Forever

A prayer without praise is one that is hollow for it does not recognize the power of God’s grace. Without thanksgiving, prayer seems impersonal for it focuses on the general things of God and not make Him appear impersonal. Prayers that make no petition demonstrate a lack of faith on the one who gives the prayer; for they do not believer that God would answer their requests.
Giving praise to the Lord in our prayers causes us to stop and realize who is the source of all things, for without Him, nothing was made. When we add thanksgiving with praise, we understand that the Lord is not just all powerful, but He is also personal; He knows everything about you and me. When we make requests of God, we show our trust in the Lord’s provision; it is a demonstration of our faith in Him.
When we pray, it is easy for one to not be sincere. This is so either because we are in a hurry or we do not have great respect for the Almighty. If spending time with the Lord is important to us, let us make the time to praise Him, give thanks, and make petition.

Prayer A to Z






Praise will always be part of our prayers—as we express our love, honor, and reverence for God. Praise begins from the Holy Spirit.  He causes us to praise Him.  This is true for us now and it will be true for eternity. Now of course our praise is limited because we don’t always allow God to fill us and control us.  But in heaven we will always be full of His Spirit, and therefore full of praise to God.

When the Spirit moves us to praise Him, I believe He most often works in conjunction with the Word. That is, He will move us to meditate on His Word; and then, as we see wonderful things in His Word He will cause us to praise Him.  This phenomenon occurs of course in a limited way now, but in heaven the Word will be unrestricted and…

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