Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Passion & Purpose: Believing The Church Can Still Change The World by Jimmy Seibert, Max Lucado endorsement
The life of a believer is a lot like being a rubber band. You never know when the Lord will stretch your faith. This stretching is not because the Almighty hates you. The very idea is contrary to what we know about God for He is a God of mercy and love.
Instead He stretches us to test the strength of our faith in Him. If we held fast to God during our times hardship, through His pulling, we reveal how strong our trust is in Him. On the other hand, if we lose heart it shows that we need to be strengthened in our faith.
We do not know what the future will hold, that is in the Lord’s hands. Therefore, let us keep our eyes on the Lord and be prepared for what He has in store for us. He will bring blessings and hardships in equal measure, but each is designed to strengthen and test our faith. Therefore, let’s not run away when the going get tough and let’s not be forgetful when the life is good. Instead, always be aware and stand fast in your faith and prepare to be stretched.



Job 1:1-12

Without Job’s knowing it, a dialogue took place in the invisible world. As the Lord and Satan had their strange encounter, the subject quickly turned to this well-known earthly man. The Lord calls Satan’s attention to Job’s exemplary life, and Satan responds with a sinister sneer. “Of course, who wouldn’t serve You, the way You’ve prospered and protected him. Take away all the perks and watch what happens; the man will turn on You in a flash.” God agrees to let the Adversary unload on Job.

And so, in today’s terms, the Lord bet Satan that Job would never turn on Him. Philip Yancey refers to that agreement as the “divine wager.” Satan instigates a sudden and hostile removal of all the man’s possessions, leaving him bankrupt. Within a matter of minutes, everything he owned was gone.

This brings us to the first lesson worth remembering: we never…

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