Everything Good is of God

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How does one who is weak become strong,

What is the source of strength for the weak?

All power comes from the Lord God,

The Almighty is the origin of all strength.

How can one who is poor become rich,

Where does the spiritually empty become full?

All wealth comes from the King of Kings,

The fullness of life comes from the Prince of Peace.

Where does one who is dirty become clean,

Where can the sinful go to be washed of transgression?

Purity comes from the Lord Jesus,

In Christ all iniquity is cleansed from the soul.

How is one who is sick made well,

Where do the broken go to be made whole?

Healing originates from the Savior,

In God all are made complete.

How does the lost find their way again,

Where does the blind heart regain its sight?

In God’s Holy Light one can find the way to righteousness,

Only God can restore the heart so it would see His glory.

Everything that is good comes from the Lord,

The Almighty is the source of all that is good.

Let us sing praise for how great our God is,

Thanksgiving we will give to our Holy Father forever.

Let us sings praises to our God.  Click on the links above to check out some more worship music.

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