God’s Love For Me

The love of the my God is so strong,

How true is my Lord’s care for me.

Nothing on earth will break His love,

Nothing I do will sever His grace from me.

The love of the Almighty lasts eternally,

From everlasting to everlasting does His grace stand.

Every day, He proclaims His love anew to His people,

Daily does my King shower new love gifts upon those He loves.

The grace of the Lord cannot be comprehended,

No man can fathom the love of the Almighty.

Our Redeemer’s love comes without price,

No condition must be met for His grace to be upon us.

No one can truly know the Love of God,

Our thoughts of His grace can only scratch the surface.

For the Lord’s love is too beautiful to understand,

Too wonderful to conceive is the King’s grace for me.

Therefore, I will sing praise and accept God’s love,

I will give thanks for His granting of grace upon me.

The Love of the Lord is truly beautiful to behold.  Let us sing how great is our God.  Click on the Albums above and be inspired in worship.


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