Patience Is A Virtue….That I Stink At

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We live in a culture that is always on the go and as a result, we get frustrated when results do not come quickly. That same mentality could also hamper our spiritual walk with the Lord. We ask God for something and He does not answer immediately. When this happens, we get frustrated with Him and try to meet our needs ourselves, with not so good results.
This on-the-go culture, I often call a “Microwave Society”, is not the way our Lord operates. His style of doing things is a lot like a farmer sowing seed and waiting for it to grow; or a baker waiting for the bread to rise in the oven. If they try to rush the process, they could ruin the product and all that labor would be in vain.
Furthermore, this demand for immediate results can be quite stressful and unhealthy to a person because God did not design us to be so. Therefore, let us slow down and wait on the Lord to do His work. When we do things, let us not think that the results will come immediately, but let us be patient and trust God to pull through with the results; which He always does.


We are a society that wants things, and we want those things now. It seems like we are always running towards some thing we want, some experience, something we think will make our life better, but what happens if we aren’t ready for the “thing” we want. What if we are ready and the thing isn’t ready for us?! I’m at the age where I’m working towards lots of things. Job advancement, financial independence, even working towards becoming a woman some man will be lucky enough to marry one day. In my mind I’m ready for all the responsibilities of work, money, and family, but maybe God has other plans for me. Maybe I am ready to be married, but the man I’m going to marry isn’t ready for me ( Lord knows I am A LOT to handle, no wonder he is taking his sweet time).

We all have…

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