Do You Believe in the Life?

Never Too Late

Here is the scene. A friend of Jesus has been dead for a few days. The Lord has just arrived to the place where is friend used to live. A sister of this friend confronts Jesus, asking why He took so long in coming. She recognized that Jesus was powerful and could have saved her brother from the illness that killed Him; but in her heart it was too late. Little did she know, and indeed little do we realize that it is never too late for God to save one from death.

The Sting of Death

The source of all life comes from Jesus Christ our Lord, as He explained to Martha (the sister of the dead Lazarus) in John 11:25-26. It was in Him that the sting of death loses its power over those who put their faith in Him. This sting that I am referring to is not a physical death.

When one dies, they become separated from the world that they know. Physical death is a consequence of sin that is in the world.  That death can’t be avoided unless the Lord Jesus returns in our lifetime.

What I am talking about here is the kind of death that is permanent, a spiritual death.  If we experience this kind of death, your very soul becomes separated forever from the giver of all life, the Lord God.  The Apostle John in Revelations calls this the Second Death.  Such a death would truly be horrifying, for without God, there is nothing.

Death is Not Fun

Physical death is not a fun thing to experience. Fortunately, for the one who believes, it is a brief suffering that we must endure.  The day will come when the Lord will call all humanity and we will rise from our physical death into bodies that are brand new.

Eternal Destiny

After this resurrection, we will discover what our destiny for eternity will be, for all people (good or bad) will rise again. To those who do not accept Christ as their personal Savior, they will be raised again only to be eternally separated from the love of God and into a lake of fire as mentioned in Revelation. As for those who do believe in Christ with all their heart, mind, body and soul, never again will they be separated from the love of God; for they will be in the presence of the Almighty for eternity.

Eternal Question

Passion & Purpose: Believing The Church Can Still Change The World by Jimmy SeibertNow the question that Jesus asked Martha in John 11:25-26, and indeed He asks all of us is whether or not we believe this?  Do we believe that He is Resurrection and the Life and that no one can come to the Heavenly Father except through Him?   If the answer is yes, then we will partake of His life and we become spiritually alive.

Seeking the Spiritually Dead

Knowing that we have life in Christ, we as His faith followers have an obligation. There are many who still do not know the way to eternal life. These people are in spiritual death and we must go to them and show them the way to Spiritual Life.. Let us pray daily that the Lord will open our eyes to see these people who need the resurrection and the life that is in Jesus. It is never too late for a resurrection!

Do you want to learn more about the Gospel of John, check out these selections above and grow in your knowledge in the ways of the Lord.

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