Refuge for the Storms of Life

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God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1 (King James Version)

We live in a very dangerous world.  The news is full of reports of violence; from domestic disputes to wars between nations, the list of dangers is inexhaustible.  Why is our world the way it is?

The evil that exists in this world is the result of our own sinful desires.  In James 4, it explains that violence is the result of us being envious of what others have; we want what they want because we do not have what they have, and so we try to take it by force.  All this petty jealousy derives from our sin and is a common occurrence in this world, as common as the sun rising in the East and setting in West.

With this in mind, how can we protect ourselves from the troubles of this world?  Many in this world attempt to defend themselves using conventional, worldly methods.  Examples of these include built alarm systems, additional locks and barriers, and as a last resort: a gun.

While these things can keep you secure, it is only for a little while.  Alarm systems can be hacked; locks and barriers can be broken into; and a gun can fall into the wrong hands (a child for instance).  Due the finite nature of these defenses, we are constantly seeking out new equipment to protect ourselves.  Yet even with all these things, we still do not feel safe; instead we feel more worried than we were before we got all this security.

Why do we seek protection?  It is because we are afraid of what this world can do to us.  What if I was to tell you that it is possible that you no longer had to fear, that you can face all hardship and trouble without anxiety.  I can imagine you are wondering how this can be and what is it that we have to do to live like this.

The answer is found in Psalm 46:1.  When we cast our fears and worries before the Lord, He promises to shield us from the backlash of this world.  The psalmist describes God as a refuge, a shelter against the torrents of trouble that come our way on a day to day basis.

How can God protect us from the dangers of this world?  We need to understand that this world that we live in, and all that happens in it, was created and set in motion by the Almighty.  Now I am not suggesting that the Lord is the source of all evil, but He allows the evil fueled by our sin to reveal His power to save us.

Since He knows this world from the inside out, He is never caught off guard when trouble afflicts His people.  In fact, He has already set up a plan to redeem the hardships we are in into something that would be beneficial to us.  Trusting in God does not take away all hardship, but it does change our point of view on the tough times we must endure.

Before we trusted God, we viewed our difficulties as something terrible, a thing that would harm us if it had to chance.  Now that we rely on the Lord as our security, we see hardships as a means that the Almighty uses to strengthen our faith and reveal His glory in us.  Furthermore, in God, we do not have to fear serious harm from trouble, for God will not let these difficulties overwhelm us; He will shield us from the brunt of it all.

What about you?  Are you still fearful of what this world will do to you?  Put away the mantle of despair and cover yourself with the grace of God which will give you peace in the face of the storm.  Troubles will always be present in this world, as common as rain falling on the earth.  Let us come to the Lord and He will shelter us from every storm, and in Him whom shall we fear?

Find strength and hope in the Lord.  You want to read more on this, try out these books I recommend reading and be inspired by the grace of God.

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