Scream For Someone

Passion & Purpose: Believing The Church Can Still Change The World by Jimmy Seibert, Max Lucado endorsement
Before I knew you I was lost,
I did not know the way to go, my Lord.
I cried out for deliverance and you came,
In my most dire need my God rescued me.
I searched for the answer and found nothing,
My quest for self-purpose produced nothing but air.
Then I prayed to you and you gave me direction,
My Lord and Savior showed to me my calling.
Let us be still and know that He is always there,
Let’s reflect and take joy that God is always near.
It is time to stop screaming at the empty wind,
Now is the time to whisper to our Holy Father.
Humbly I will ask for His provision,
I will petition for the things I need with humility.
The Lord will hear my prayer and I will rejoice,
My request will be received and I will be glad.

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