Responding to God’s Message

Responding to Bad News

Has you ever received bad news from somebody who was not directly involved with it, and got mad at the messenger instead of at the message?  It was not the messenger’s fault that the bad news happened, so why be mad at him?  We respond in the same way when we get word from the Almighty; especially when the news is not to our liking.

The Purpose of the Message

Throughout the Bible, there have been those who gave to the nations news from God.  The purpose of their message was to help God’s people live a good life, that is honorable to the Lord.  Now when the nations heard this godly advice and didn’t like what they heard, they often treated these servants of the Lord harshly or worse.   Why would they reject the Words of God?

Most of the time, it is because people like the sinful life that they are living in.  It is like when a dirty dog hears the word “bath”; they try to run away or resist being forced into the bathtub.  We too are resistant to change because we enjoy being comfortable; even though it is to our own harm.

God’s Message Given Directly

Now if the world would reject the Word of God through His servants, what would happened if God Himself gave His message directly to his people? Believe it or not, this actually happened.  In John 12:44-48  Jesus tells His audience and us that the words that He spoke were not His, but God’s.

What Jesus was saying was not the same vein of previous messengers. They were not words spoken from God to Jesus to give to the people, instead God Himself came in the form of a man, in the Son Jesus, to proclaim His Good Message Himself. Therefore anyone who believed in the words of Jesus would believe in the word of God for they were One in the same.

Grasping the Trinity

This concept of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit being three members but One God is an idea that people cannot wrap their minds around.  Our finite logic cannot fathom the infinite God. Despite this, it must be understood that the Lord is not a mortal man, but is supernatural, meaning that He is above the natural order of things, otherwise, He wouldn’t have been able to create the universe. With that in mind, I resign myself to accept the truth of the Trinity in faith.

A Message of Light

Now what was the message that God sent to His people? For too long, every person on this earth has lived in the darkness of sin; away from the true Light of God. That was why Jesus came, to be a light that would shine upon humanity. Those who accepted His light and believed will in turn shine in themselves and be a light for all the world to see.
Those who reject the Light, which is the Word of Christ, will be judged by the very Word which has been made known to them. When Jesus came to this earth, His purpose was not to judge but to save. The time will come however when God the Father will judge all people and those saved are the ones who believe and those who said no, their punishment will be permanent.

Good or Bad Message

So what is the message that God is giving to us through Jesus; is it good news or bad news? I believe the news is good, but in order to accept it, I must be willing to turn away from my sinful ways. When I do this, I will receive a blessed life. To those who refuse to repent, this news is bad; and when people receive bad news, their first impulse is to kill the messenger. Which one will you be?

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